Roster night, as any crew member will tell you, is exciting yet the most stressful night of the month. Rosters are published at 10pm. If you’re in the air at that time, then it’s not bother as you will just check it when you land.. but if you’re on land when they’re published, it’s a nightmare! There’s over 6000 cabin crew with British Airways, so you can only imagine the chaos of 90% of those people all trying to get onto the same website at the same time to check their rosters. If you’re lucky, you’ll get on there straight away and have just enough time to take a screenshot of your month before the website crashes out again.. if you’re not so lucky, you could be refreshing your page for half an hour before you even get a glimpse of your month. I have now figured out that the two best ways to check your roster are.. 1. Get on the page at 21:59 and just keep refreshing & 2. Wait until gone 22:30 and check after that time. I’m normally the constant refresher, as I don’t have the patience to wait 🤣. This month, I was one of the lucky ones and was able to see my roster within the first 5-10mins of them being published & I have to say, July is looking pretty good:

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I’m so sorry I haven’t got round to posting over the last 10 days.. it’s been so busy, and to be honest, I’ve felt pretty knackered, but I have the afternoon & evening off so I can catch up with you guys and let you know what’s been happening.

My last post was about my time in Toronto. Since then, I have done a Eurotour, a trip to Dubai, & some there and backs.

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Wow. What a trip Toronto was. I was fortunate enough to bag myself the 5 day trip to Toronto, Canada. I did originally bid for Toronto back in May for June’s roster, unaware that there were two different trip lengths & I drew the best straw and got the longer one. When I say the trip was 5 days, it doesn’t mean I was out in Toronto doing nothing for 5 days.. this is how the trip works:

Day One – Fly to Toronto late afternoon & through the night. Arrive early morning for UK time, -5hrs for Toronto time.

Day 2 & 3: Days off of duty in Toronto

Day 4: Fly to the UK late afternoon & through the night.

Day 5: Arrive in the UK early morning.

So what seems like a 5 day trip, in reality is only 2-3 days.

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How is it June tomorrow already? Where has the time actually gone so far this year..? I feel like I have had so much going on this year that the time has literally run away with me.. I can’t believe it!

June looks like it’s going to be an exciting month though.. it’s my first full month of flying. If you’re following my Instagram then you’ll know where I’m going to, but in case you don’t, this is what the line-up is looking like:

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I have been back from Chicago for a few days, and after some rest time & the chaos of moving into my new flat, I am finally finding time to post on here!

So yes, Chicago.. it was my first long haul fight on the A380. When you join BA, you’re either allocated to be trained on the jumbo jet B747 or the Airbus A380, you won’t be trained on both. People have their preference of which one they prefer, or they think they would like to be trained on before you’re given one.. normally it’s down to which destinations are with which aircraft, but for me, I knew I wanted to be on A380 so I was very lucky.

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