I finally have my first ever roster.. this is exciting.

I was previously told by friend The Fitness Flyer that our first roster would mainly consist of “Available”s as we are still brand new and they may not be quite sure where they want us yet, or use as as fill-ins as they see fit. When you have an “available” it means that you’re kind’ve in a little holding pot? and 7pm every evening prior to your available day, you’ll be told whether you’ve been put on a flight or not.. so they’re a little waiting game I guess, but hey, it keeps it exciting! Haha.

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I am a very happy bunny – today we got told that our initial cabin crew training is now complete!

Over this past week, we have been going through so much training,  both theoretical and physical with approx 5 exams. It has been a lot of extra homework after the day finishes, a lot of revision, some tears, a lot of early mornings getting in to go over information, being constantly attached to the iPad, but it has all been so worth it because I passed all of my exams!

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I apologise for the, somewhat negative, title of this blog post.. but it’s the answer I’m currently giving to anyone who asks me how I am or how training is going! Haha.

I started my British Airways training yesterday & it was a pretty intensive day. It was a day for introductions, admin, checks and little modules that can be done quickly & the day felt like it was 100 hours long, when in fact we were only there for 8!

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Happy Birthday to meeeeeee, Happy Birthday to meeeeeee…! I’m officially 27 today & those of you who follow me on Instagram or Facebook would already know that.. thank you for all your birthday wishes, it means a lot!


Unfortunately, my birthday was cut short at home as I’ve had to drive back down to Heathrow from Essex to check back into the same Travelodge I was in for SkyPeople training, ready to start my BA training tomorrow!

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Today was the day that most of us have actually been looking forward to since we first started our initial training – the wet drills.

For those of you that don’t know, wet drills are the time when you get taught & put into practise what you would do if you end up having an emergency landing in the water.

I wasn’t too sure what to expect when I first got to the pool this morning.. I’ve spoken to people who have done the training already, but all they’d said was that it was knackering but fun – they weren’t wrong!

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