Ok, so anyone that knows me knows that I have very little patience, especially when it comes to something I want! Ha ha & this whole process is now exception!

Being in the whole referencing stage means that you’re technically in a ‘process limbo’ – control is totally taken out of your hands & you can’t do anything until it is complete. Referencing, dependant on your company (mine is Procious), takes approximately 12 weeks. I’m currently speaking to people on a fantastic Facebook group (if you’d like to know the group.. just comment below and ask!) who have been through the referencing stage already & theirs has take 6, 8 even 9 months! I’ve been going through mine since the beginning of November and I am nearly finished.

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Have you ever tried to keep track of the places you’ve been to? Yeah, me too. I currently use the “been” app on my phone to log each country I’ve visited (which was super helpful when I was working on the cruise ship last year! 30 countries was a big itinerary to remember!).. it tells you which percent of the world you’ve completed, as well as which percent of each continent. If you haven’t downloaded it, give it a try.. it’s free!

I’m an avid lover of Pinterest, I think I must look at it everyday? I’m a creative person, so I’m always looking for new ideas for design, unique things to make, different styles to wear.. I’m really into interior design but I still live at the family home so I don’t have any chance of doing that just yet. When I was looking through Pinterest, I saw something I just had to have!

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2018 is here. Happy New Year!

I honestly cannot believe that this year has come round so fast.. what happened to 2017?
You blink, and 365 days have gone by! Madness.

A new year brings lots of opportunities. I bought a new diary a couple of days ago.. mint green it is, with the slogan “this is your year. twenty eighteen.” on the front & I do honestly believe that 2018 will be my year. I’m going into this year feeling very positive!

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Merry Christmas.. Feliz Navidad.. Feliz Natal.. Happy Holidays.. Merry Crimbo..
However you say it in your language, it’s officially Christmas!

I’m lucky enough to be sitting at home, with my feet up in my “Elf” christmas socks, snacking on Pringles and watching binge-worthy Christmas tele.. however, I’m aware that this time next year may be very different. This could be the last Christmas I spend at home for a little while.

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Here we are. One week before Christmas and I haven’t even had a chance to think about the big day yet.. I have so much going on!

Let’s bring you up to this point….

I started the whole application to British Airways back at the end of October/beginning of November just to see if it was something I would be able to do. British Airways runs in my family. My aunt flew with BA for over 10 years, and still works with their head office as part of a training team. She absolutely loved her years of flying and has always tried to talk to me into doing it.. it was just never the right time. (Needless to say she is now ecstatic at the fact that I will be joining the BA community!)
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