Merry Christmas.. Feliz Navidad.. Feliz Natal.. Happy Holidays.. Merry Crimbo..
However you say it in your language, it’s officially Christmas!

I’m lucky enough to be sitting at home, with my feet up in my “Elf” christmas socks, snacking on Pringles and watching binge-worthy Christmas tele.. however, I’m aware that this time next year may be very different. This could be the last Christmas I spend at home for a little while.

As all cabin crew know, it’s a 365 day job.. there is no “Christmas Hours” or definite days off, flights still happen over Christmas; and to all of you that are flying over this busy calendar period, I salute you as I can only imagine what’s like. If you’re on standby or available, you’re constantly checking your phone while attempting to eat your Christmas dinner incase you get called onto a flight, or if you’re already flying you’re away from your loved ones for “the big day”.. so I intend to chill out and enjoy this day as much as I can incase I’m off around the world next year.

I don’t have a very large family at all, my immediate family consists of around 4 people, so I’m not sure I would actually mind if I wasn’t here for Christmas. As sad as it is to say, we don’t really celebrate Christmas in  huge way, because there’s barely any of us.. especially this year, it’s not feeling very festive at all, so I like to think that being around different people who are either commuting to see their loved ones, or in the same boat (or plane) as me and working, would make me feel a bit more Christmas-sy.

I’ve already started to receive presents that I can use as Cabin Crew – some diamonique earrings, eyelash serum & a travel wallet and by the time my birthday comes around in April I’m sure there’ll be more things on the cabin crew checklist that I will need!

That being said, wherever you are in the world – whether you’re lucky enough to be with your family, already settled in another destination for Christmas, or flying around the world.. I hope you have a fantastic Christmas.
Enjoy & stay safe.

All my Christmas love,


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