Scratch The World


Have you ever tried to keep track of the places you’ve been to? Yeah, me too. I currently use the “been” app on my phone to log each country I’ve visited (which was super helpful when I was working on the cruise ship last year! 30 countries was a big itinerary to remember!).. it tells you which percent of the world you’ve completed, as well as which percent of each continent. If you haven’t downloaded it, give it a try.. it’s free!

I’m an avid lover of Pinterest, I think I must look at it everyday? I’m a creative person, so I’m always looking for new ideas for design, unique things to make, different styles to wear.. I’m really into interior design but I still live at the family home so I don’t have any chance of doing that just yet. When I was looking through Pinterest, I saw something I just had to have!

You may already be aware of them, but for my Secret Santa this year (thank you Kirst!) I received a “Scratch The World” wall map. It’s FANTASTIC! Each country of the world is covered in gold leaf & as you visit each country, you can scratch it off (much like a scratch card) gently to reveal the country in colour underneath!

My “been” app states that I have travelled 13% of the world.. Well let me tell you, I’ve scratched off all 30 countries that I have been to and it hasn’t even touched the surface! Now I realise just how big the world actually is! But, as my mum very cleverly stated, I’m sure I will cover more of those this year, and in the years to come once I get my wings and jet-set off around the world!

If you’re a guy or girl in the sky, or even an avid traveller, I highly recommend getting yourselves a “Scratch The World” map! There’s so many different companies that do them.. they’re around £15 dependant on where you get yours from, but if you’re anything like me (a little bit childish and very creative), you will not be disappointed!

Check out my instagram – I uploaded a picture of the map – & I’m sure I will post updated pictures as & when I’ve scratched off more! 🙂

I’m off now to make sure that I actually have scratched off all the countries…….

Ta-ta for now,


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