I’m getting there.. slowly

Ok, so anyone that knows me knows that I have very little patience, especially when it comes to something I want! Ha ha & this whole process is now exception!

Being in the whole referencing stage means that you’re technically in a ‘process limbo’ – control is totally taken out of your hands & you can’t do anything until it is complete. Referencing, dependant on your company (mine is Procious), takes approximately 12 weeks. I’m currently speaking to people on a fantastic Facebook group (if you’d like to know the group.. just comment below and ask!) who have been through the referencing stage already & theirs has take 6, 8 even 9 months! I’ve been going through mine since the beginning of November and I am nearly finished.

For those of you who don’t know what referencing is, let me explain:

Once BA have taken an interest in you & you progress your application, you then get forwarded on to an independent company who take on your referencing. In my case, as in most, I was asked to supply the last 5 years of education & employment history. Now, if you’ve only had one job in that time.. lucky you! But in my case, I have had a selection of jobs in that time. They ask you to provide details of a person of contact for that employment & that’s that. If you have had gaps of employment for longer than 28 days, then you must give details of a contact who has known you for a certain amount of time to vouch for you as something called a “Gap Reference”. Once you’ve submitted all the information they require, they then contact the companies… and you wait.

Once all your references are back & received, the company then apply for a CRC (or as it used to be called, CRB) check on your behalf and your current employer is contacted for their reference.

I felt like I was waiting for an eternity for my references to come back – see now that is a complete exaggeration.. I got all my references back within around 4-6 weeks.. see, ridiculously impatient! ha ha. The only thing that has taken longer for me in the gap references, mainly because my first set got lost in the post & I have had to ask very kindly for my people to re-send their gap references with signed for delivery to ensure Procious receive them & log it as received.

So that is the stage I am at right now. Procious are waiting for my last gap reference to come back in the post, then all that’s left for me is the CRC check & for them to contact my current employer…….. that would probably be an appropriate time to actually TELL my current employer I’m leaving! ha ha.

I’m trying to get as much done, & find out as much as possible, in the meantime. I’ve been looking at accommodation I’d like to stay in for training as I said in one of my previous posts, but I can’t even book that until I have my confirmation of training date! I tell you, that Facebook group has been an absolute god-send to be able to ask a many questions as possible to get all the information I need. It’s a little bit unnecessary or me to buy anything else (luggage, shoes etc) until further down the line, although I have found out that pre-course work will be sent to me before I actually start training.. apparently it’s not hard, but it all has to be completed before training commences.. and one part of it takes approx. 12.5hrs to complete…… yay me!! ha ha.

I am very much looking forward to the next stages, I’m bored of being in referencing now. I’m a pro-active person.. I like to continue on a path once I start something – the fact it’s been taken out of my control is a little difficult, but I’m nearly out the other side.

I hope my information on referencing has been useful for you guys that are currently going through that stage, or thinking about applying for a job as cabin crew. It sounds a lot more daunting than it is – it’s a global company, a “proper job”, you have to expect something huge.

So I shall sit here & wait for the next part of the process to begin.. attempting to be patient.. let’s see how long that lasts. I’m excited, I can’t help it!

Until then,



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