Decisions, Decisions…

January has definitely been a month of decisions & figuring out.

As I approach my start date, I’m now having to consider many different things. I’m pretty sure I have my training accommodation locked in, I just have to tell them as soon as I have my confirmed start date with BA & I can put the deposit down. However, my biggest brain ache of January was the constant battle with myself of – do I move closer to Heathrow after training? or do I stay where I am & commute the 1.5hr journey, whether it be just temporary or permanently? My main thought is that I definitely want to move closer to Heathrow after training as the hours that you work as cabin crew are so
varied.. yet I’m not going to be earning enough to afford rent on my own for the first couple of months. The first month or two you are flying, I’ve been told that you’re pretty much only on basic pay.. so after a couple of months you start to see the benefit of the flying time and getting paid accordingly – at THAT point, I’m going to be okay to be spending money on rent.. but right now, it’s pretty much impossible 🙁 which is a shame, because I have found the PERFECT flat & I want to move in there immediately.. but sadly it is not to be, & I just have to hope I find somewhere equally as perfect a little later down the line.

So now I have decided that once I have finished training, I will move back home and commute for the first couple of months, so I get the chance to build up my bank balance and really get the feel for everything, & while I’m at home, I can be looking for a property close to Heathrow to privately rent.. so that’s a plus. The commute will NOT be as bad as I think.. I just need to keep telling myself that – and like everything in life, the more you do it, the more you get used to it. My friend Charlotte (@thefitnessflyer for those on Instagram that like to be nosy!) has offered me her sofa bed at times when I have an early start as she’s only a 20 min drive from Heathrow which is really sweet, & any other time that I have to be there at stupid o’clock (I’m not a morning person by the way!) I can just grab a hotel room for the night, as we as cabin crew get discount for that kind’ve thing 🙂

That’s one decision sorted – that took me about 2 weeks to make that decision, but I feel it’s the big girl decision to make and I will benefit from it in the long run! My next brain ache of January was.. “How the heck am I going to afford everything?” – enter my best friend Olivia. Olivia has one of the most logical brains I think I have ever met in my life, & she is going to help me budget my spending & save for what I want to do. The only way I’m going to be able to afford to commute, save to rent (including a deposit!), & still be able to live an actual life, is if I am strict with myself and budget accordingly – and I know she has been amazing at it in her life, so the plan is for her to help me to do the same! What are friends for eh?

That’s two decisions made! There are few things I know I still need to buy before I start with BA, even really for the start or part way through training…. I’m just going to have to get to those one by one as they come.. I don’t have any brain space left for those!

On a lighter note, I’m so near the end of my referencing process I can SMELL the training room! All I have left, is for Procious to request my CRB check on my behalf & contact my current employer at the end of the month (annoyingly, it can only be done 28 days before your start date!).. that’s when I can think about handing in my notice at work & making everything a little bit more real!

I feel better now that I have offloaded my January brain blitz to you guys.. I feel lighter now.. although, I’m sure there’s going to be something else to tackle my battered brain matter soon enough!

Until then,


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