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I’m aware it’s been a while since I last released a blog post – I’ve not had much to say! The referencing process is slow & drawn out as it’s so meticulous, it just takes a while. I’m pleased to say I’m now finally coming to the end of it all, I’m just waiting for the referencing company to contact my current employer in just over a week and then I should be practically finished!



I’m very lucky that I have a friend who already flies with British Airways, and she pointed me in the direction of a Facebook group called “British Airways Mixed Fleet Trainee New Starters. Help & Advice” – you can click this link and it will take you straight to it 🙂 Honestly, it is the best Facebook group to be a part of if you are even thinking of applying to become cabin crew or you’re in the application process. The people I have spoken to on there are so helpful, supportive, informative & friendly.. it’s ridiculous! Now I’m a person who thinks “this must be a really dumb question” when I need to ask for help for something I’m confused about, but in reality, no question is too stupid for the group, you can ask the guys and girls on there absolutely anything!

The group is made up of other trainees, flying crew, past crew, ground crew & ex -trainers – the wealth of knowledge in that group is astounding. There is always someone who has an answer or piece of information for anything you need to know.

Being a trainee for the first time (& yes, there are others who have been through the process before in the group & didn’t get through the first time!), I have so much going on in my head, & when you’re going through this process it can feel quite lonely if you don’t have a friend you’re doing it with. With the group having other trainees, you find people in the same boat as you, at the same stage of the process,;so you can compare notes, ask each other questions and give each other advice.. it makes the process a whole lot easier & you realise that you actually aren’t alone!


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Another great part of social media is Instagram. As you can see on the left hand side of my blog, I have a cabin crew instagram page that is linked up under the same name. I use it solely to follow other cabin crew, world travellers, pilots, travel bloggers – it’s getting my name out & I’m getting follows back which is awesome. I don’t just follow British Airways cabin crew.. I’m following guys and girls from Emirates, Eurowings, Delta, American Airlines, Aer Lingus.. it’s fantastic! Seeing the job through their eyes, seeing what they see on a daily basis, it’s a great insight as to what I am to expect – & to be honest, seeing the places & sights they are, it’s making me even more excited to get on this journey and start my new career in the sky! If you’re training to become cabin crew, or already are cabin crew and don’t have a sole Intagram account for your work, I would definitely advise getting one 🙂


Social media. You either love it or you hate it. Me, I love it.. & it’s only gonna continue to help me!

Logging out for now..



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