4 Weeks & Counting




How is it the end of February already? 2018 seems to be going so fast! The end of February means only one thing for me.. I officially have 4 weeks – 28 days – remaining until I start training!

In November, when I got my email stating my provisional start date, I look at “March 2018” and it seemed like a lifetime away.. I wondered how it could possibly be so far away! Now, we are on the final month countdown 🙂

I saw my Dad at the weekend. He mentioned to me that I hadn’t had my Christmas present from last year yet, & was I thinking of anything for my birthday (in April).. I happened to mention that considering I’m going to be receiving two presents, can I combine it and get one larger present? He said yes, so I asked for an iPad – and I got it! A lot of people on my trusted Facebook group have said that an iPad is like your best friend while you’re travelling; you can keep all the information you may need on it and it’s super easy to carry around with you while you’re on route to places. You are offered the chance to use one during training because, as far as I can gather from other people, they have apps & information on that cannot be downloaded onto your personal device – the only problem is, you have to give them back after training.. so I would much rather have my own & be able to continue to use it once I’m flying.

I also bought my uniform heels today. Unfortunately, due to having to order them because of not having my size in the matte leather in store, I do not have a picture of them, but as soon as I do, I’ll upload it onto my Instagram for you guys to check out 🙂 I ordered the Kelda Hop heels in matte black leather from Clarks. I can’t quite remember how much they were, but my friend has them & she swears by them! We only have to wear them before & after the flight, but they’re essential, so I may as well get ones that are comfy!


Are you 4 weeks before your start date? How do you feel? I hope you’re as excited as I am!


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