International Women’s Day

Happy International Women’s Day!

I wasn’t actually even aware that this was a national day.. is it new this year? Whether it is or not, I’m glad it’s happening. Men, I’m sorry if you are sick of all this #GIRLPOWER movement in the world lately, but we don’t care!


(I love the fact that gingers are in this photo by the way, we just are not represented enough in print! haha)

We all know a lot about women in history & everything that they’ve fought for over the years.. there’s probably many different women through different nationalities, religions & cultures – some that others may not even be aware of. We all have our own heroines whether they be fictional characters, family members, public figures or celebrities. International Women’s Day is about celebrating females – through every walk of life; every race, size, shape, height, weight, personality or nationality – we are all women & we are all equal.

I won’t lie.. incase you haven’t noticed, I’m very proud to be a woman! I come from a single parent home & I’m an only child, so it’s only ever been two women in my house since I was very young, so female power & equality has always been strong & fought for in this house. Personally, I still don’t think us as women are completely equal with men in this world, but we are the furthest towards it that we have ever been and that makes me happy!

Whether you’re already flying, or just starting out as a new entrant, this industry is full of women, whether they be cabin crew, pilots or ground staff. When you go to the airport today, make sure you support your fellow woman by greeting every one of them with “Happy Women’s Day!” to show your love & solidarity 🙂 You’ll probably be surprised at how many you get back!



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