It’s April!

Happy Easter you guys! I hope you’ve had a fantastic Easter holiday weekend & you’re not too stuffed on chocolate & roast dinner! Haha. I had a very chilled weekend, seeing a few family members & staying out of the way of all the manic people that are panic buying in all the shops!

I had planned to have been 3/4 of the way through my first week of training by today, however I haven’t actually started yet – a delay in people receiving information means that my start date was pushed back by a week 🙁 I’m hoping to be starting this Thursday.. Easter weekend, as lovely as it is, means that offices have been closed so I can’t actually find out until tomorrow as to whether I am indeed starting on Thursday, so please keep your fingers (and toes) crossed for me tomorrow & I’ll keep you posted as soon as I hear anything!

April is also the month of my birthdayyyyyy, so if I do start training on Thursday, it means that I will be in training for my birthday on the 12th. People that know me know that I have never needed to be at school or gone to work on my birthday, I’ve always managed to be off – but this time I won’t have a choice, which I don’t mind because I’ll have waited so long to get there in the first place! Haha.

One exciting thing has happened though while I’ve been waiting to start training – i bought a new car! When I say bought, I mean it’s on finance, but none the less it’s beautiful .. I feel like a fully fledged adult in it which is awesome 🙂 I would not have been able to regularly travel the M25 to Heathrow in my old car; this one has much more power & is such a smoother drive so I’m very excited to give it a run down there.


Are you starting your training this month? Comment below & let me know – hopefully we will be on the same course! 🙂


Until then..


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