Wet Drills

Today was the day that most of us have actually been looking forward to since we first started our initial training – the wet drills.

For those of you that don’t know, wet drills are the time when you get taught & put into practise what you would do if you end up having an emergency landing in the water.

I wasn’t too sure what to expect when I first got to the pool this morning.. I’ve spoken to people who have done the training already, but all they’d said was that it was knackering but fun – they weren’t wrong!


Unforunately, I can’t disclose too much of what we did because it’s insider information, however, what I can tell you is that I reaaaaaaally need to work on my upper body strength.. because getting into that raft was no easy job! Luckily I had two people to help drag me in, but those life jackets are uncomfortable & cumbersome, however if it was going to be the thing to save my life, I would not complain at all!

We did the wet drills today with another training group who are one day ahead of us, so they finished their initial training course this afternoon, & also a group of guys who are training to become pilots – so it was quite nice to see some new faces & get out of the classroom for the morning! Head over to my Instagram on the right hand side of the homepage for a couple of photos from today’s drill!

I passed the wet drills practical and the First Aid module with 100% & that means that I have now passed all first stage training exams! Yay me! haha. We have a little more to learn tomorrow but no more tests, (thank god) so it should be an easier day & then that’s it! I’ll be driving home after training tomorrow down the joyous M4 & M25 for a couple of days until I’m back in Heathrow ready to start my training with BA on Friday!

I’ll be back at Travelodge for the first 6 days of training again next week – I’ll be driving back on the evening of my birthday (fun….) but at least a couple of my training peeps will be staying here too so there may or may not be a Domino’s birthday party for me that night haha! I am viewing a flat on Friday evening though close-by in Slough which; if it’s as nice as it is in photos, is the right price & do-able, I will be moving into shortly.. so that makes me very excited! I am dying to have my own place closer to Heathrow, being able to cook my own food and do my own washing & just feel like the place is my own you know? so I’m really hoping this works out 🙂 I’ll keep you posted about that one.

Until then..


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