Happy Birthday to Me!

Happy Birthday to meeeeeee, Happy Birthday to meeeeeee…! I’m officially 27 today & those of you who follow me on Instagram or Facebook would already know that.. thank you for all your birthday wishes, it means a lot!


Unfortunately, my birthday was cut short at home as I’ve had to drive back down to Heathrow from Essex to check back into the same Travelodge I was in for SkyPeople training, ready to start my BA training tomorrow!

I always drive back earlier than is necessary because I hate traffic & I refuse to be stuck in it, so while it meant I have only been able to have half of my birthday at home, at least I am here now, checked in & waiting on one of the girls from my course to arrive.. we are having a Domino’s & Cake party for 2! Haha. My mum sent me down here with 3/4 of a birthday cake amongst various other food & beverage items to tide me over, so that cake will be demolished within the next few days no doubt 🙂

The 2 days I was at home actually went so fast! I can’t quite believe I’m back here already. I’ll be in a different centre for my training from now on. I was doing my initial training with a company called SkyPeople to get my license to fly & work in the sky which I have now achieved along with my fellow NEM402 group!


This time I’m going to be at British Airways Global Learning Academy for the next 4 weeks, learning all things the BA way – it’s scary, but it’s exciting.. I think it’s going to make things a lot more real now. I pick up my uniform at some point next week (all 15-something items of it) & I will get to wear it shortly after to finish training. I’m actually excited to get my schedule tomorrow of all things, so I can see how the next 4 weeks is going to pan out, what I’m doing & when, & more importantly.. find out which aircraft I’ll be specialised on!! We have some idea as to which one we’re going to be on, but it’s hard to tell, so I’ll just have to wait! As soon as I know, I’ll tell you guys!

I’m all unpacked, including my birthday cards (I wasn’t going to miss out on enjoying those!) & while I wait for Gabbi, I will get myself sorted & ready for tomorrow as I have a call time of 7:15am and I’m not entirely certain I’ll be able to function properly with a 6am alarm so I’d best do it all tonight! Haha.

So here it is guys, the next chapter of training. Stick with me, & I’ll let you know how I’m getting on!


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