I am tired

I apologise for the, somewhat negative, title of this blog post.. but it’s the answer I’m currently giving to anyone who asks me how I am or how training is going! Haha.

I started my British Airways training yesterday & it was a pretty intensive day. It was a day for introductions, admin, checks and little modules that can be done quickly & the day felt like it was 100 hours long, when in fact we were only there for 8!

The first day went well. There were obviously first day nerves, the same as whenever you start a new school, job or move to a new area & meet new people.. but the fact that I was going to be in the same position as my group made it a lot easier, we were all in it together! We’ve switched training centres now & the new one is fabulous – it’s absolutely massive – it seems to have 50+ classrooms (all of which look identical so they weren’t joking when they said you can get lost), but they have a pretty fun & nifty navigation system so you can work out where you’re going & once you get the hang of it it’s actually quite easy.

Unfortunately, I’m not going to be able to give out many details about what I’m doing during training due to it being British Airways policy to keep things that happen on the inside as secret as possible.. I could genuinely put my job at risk if I told you publicly everything I’m doing during training, so I apologise to all those I don’t see face-to-face as I won’t be able to tell you in great detail exactly what I’m doing, but hopefully you’ll get the gist of it from what I can say.

Today was my second day of training & the first day of our safety & evacuation procedures training. It makes it much more real now I’m in the actual training facinity & using mock cabins to practise things in. Now when I say I’m knackered, it’s because I am – I’m tired mentally and physically! We have approx. 2hrs of electronic homework to do every night, to be completed before the next day which sounds like a lot but it’s actually okay – some other trainees may disagree with me, but we’ve been taught most of the content already so it’s technically revision 🙂

People keep asking me “When are you going to be in uniform?” – I’m meant to be picking it up on the 19th, sooooo 5 days time? And then we will be training in it once our Customer Service training starts.. I’m not too sure when that is yet, but I’m excited to see what I look like in it now that alterations will have been made, and to be able to join the sea of 100+ uniforms that are all walking around the training centre as there’s lots of operational crew coming in for various training days in their uniform.. seeing them in theirs makes me more excited to get into mine (and I can get some good hairstyle inspiration too!).

For those that want to know, I should be coming home 22-24th April & then again on 4-6th May.. after that, I’m not sure as my training finishes shortly after, but I’ll keep you posted. If you wish to see me, book in now – I have limited time! Haha.


Right, I have a lay in tomorrow as my day doesn’t start until 10:15am & considering I’ve been getting up at 05:50-06:00am everyday so far, it is going to be an absolute dream to have a lay in.. so I’m leaving now, but I’ll be back when I have more to share with you guys!


Until then..

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