initial training complete!

I am a very happy bunny – today we got told that our initial cabin crew training is now complete!

Over this past week, we have been going through so much training,  both theoretical and physical with approx 5 exams. It has been a lot of extra homework after the day finishes, a lot of revision, some tears, a lot of early mornings getting in to go over information, being constantly attached to the iPad, but it has all been so worth it because I passed all of my exams!

Prior to starting the BA training, I was told that the first week is by far the hardest, and if you can get through this then you will be fine for the rest of the course.. I definitely thin they were right. This past week has been super hard, but it has also been incredibly rewarding – I have learned so much. It’s been so interesting & fun all at the same time.. the trainers have been some of the most informative & supportive people I have ever met, but they also keep an element of fun in their professionalism which keeps you smiling and laughing whilst learning vital information. I am already so thankful to the trainers that I have had so far & I hope I come across them again in the future!

I now have a day off tomorrow which, in this goooooorgeous sunny weather is very exciting & definitely well needed! My uniform is going to be ready for me to collect tomorrow, so that’s first of the things to do on my list. There is apparently a “shoe man” who goes to the training centre every Thursday who sells uniform standard heels & flat shoes so I’ll be going there tomorrow to get my flat cabin shoes, then meeting up with one of the girls on my course to go & hunt for make-up that has been recommended to us by other girls that fly, & I have found a small shopping centre nearby so that’s where we are going to head.. & if there’s time left at the end of the day, we will try and enjoy some of the sunshine! All of this will not be happening before midday though, because we all need a lay in after this past week! Haha.. as I am typing to you now, my feet are literally throbbing & my hair is crying for a wash!

I’m not going to lie, I’m quite excited to be getting into uniform. When I go to the canteen (which sells great food by the way!) at lunch, it is an absolute sea of uniforms & I feel like I stick out like a sore thumb! My training group is one of, I think, 2 or 3 groups that aren’t in uniform yet, however I think we are next which is really cool – it’ll be nice to be part of the “BA crew” and be in uniform! No-one treats you any differently though.. sometimes people see a newbie in life and, without even realising, treat them differently to their fellow colleagues.. but everyone here is so supportive and inclusive; it’ll just be nice to “fit in” & look like everyone else!

Oo, another exciting thing about today – it’s roster night! At 10pm May’s roster is going to be published on our accounts, so we will be able to see our first month’s work.. how exciting is that?!?! Apparently the site crashes around 10pm because everyone goes on as quick as they can to see what they’re doing.. so I’ll just keep checking back if I get chucked out. I will most definitely do a blog post either tomorrow or the day after regarding my roster, so look out for that one!

Right, I’m off now as I’m getting peckish and need to find something to eat. I’m going to relax and chill in bed tonight, & I will update you guys in the next couple of days!

Until then..

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