May Roster

I finally have my first ever roster.. this is exciting.

I was previously told by friend The Fitness Flyer that our first roster would mainly consist of “Available”s as we are still brand new and they may not be quite sure where they want us yet, or use as as fill-ins as they see fit. When you have an “available” it means that you’re kind’ve in a little holding pot? and 7pm every evening prior to your available day, you’ll be told whether you’ve been put on a flight or not.. so they’re a little waiting game I guess, but hey, it keeps it exciting! Haha.

What is nice though is that your days off DO NOT change, so at least you can plan your life at least a month in advance, which is very nice considering I’m used to jobs that may ask you to change your days off, or work them & then owe you another one.. so that bit of stability makes me very happy!

So where am I definitely going to this month (so far)?

Marseille & Chicago

People that know me know that I went to Marseille several times whilst working on a cruise ship, & this time for me it’s what’s called a “there and back” so I don’t actually get to get off, we just take the flight there, turn around & come back again. Chicago however is a different story. I will fly out to Chicago, get a whole 24hrs there & then fly back 🙂 This trip is quite new for our Mixed Fleet this month so I’m super excited to get the chance to do it!! If you have any recommendations for what to see & do, where to eat etc in Chicago then please comment below or DM me on Instagram!

I’m definitely excited for Marseille & Chicago this month, but I’m also really looking forward to seeing what my availables will change to – they could amount to days off, they could be EuroTrips, they could be long hauls or a mixture, I shall let you know what happens!


Until then..


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