there’s no place like home

I was going to write a longish post on my Facebook page (@agirlwithwings) but I thought I would write on here instead 🙂


I have come home to Essex this weekend after 5 days of intense training & there really is no place like home. Even though I’m going to be moving out into a flat with two other cabin crew later on this month (I’ll do another post on that later down the line so keep an eye or two peeled!), home will always be home. “Living” in a Travelodge for 5 weeks isn’t the ideal situation – there’s no kitchen, the food is….. food, there’s no washing machine – so coming home to relative normality is fantastic; the fact that I have a memory foam mattress topper here is literally like heaven.. it’s amazing what you miss when you’ve been without it for a while.

I’m only home for the weekend, but I feel like I have a ridiculous amount to squeeze in in that time! I went back to the Tesco’s I used to work in today & it was so nice to see everyone again. My mum works in the same store as I used to & apparently people have been constantly asking her how I’m getting on, even though they follow everything that you guys do, so I felt like it was only right to show my face & give them all cuddles 🙂 They said they were really proud of me and excited for me which was super nice.

I’m off back to Travelodge tomorrow night for the last 2 days of training.. providing I pass the last 2 exams on Monday then I will get my wings Tuesday & be a fully fledged cabin crew member! That’s scary! Haha.. then I’ll be commuting from home here in Essex until I move into the new flat later on. I’m very glad to be on the tail end of the Travelodge life, I won’t lie.. as convenient as it has been, there really isn’t a place like home – whatever you call home 🙂

I hope you’re all enjoying the bank holiday sunshine wherever you are, here’s hoping it lasts for a while.. I definitely need some vitamin D!

My laptop unfortunately is on 3% battery, so I’ll leave you guys to your Saturday night.. I’m personally watching Britain’s Got Talent then Casualty whilst trying a new flavour of Ben & Jerrys (that makes me more excited than I think you can realise! haha).. have a good one!

Until the next time..

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