The first few days

Good Morning!

I’ve been meaning to post on here since Sunday but I have finally got round to it.. apologies for the delay. I have had my first flight! I have had my first few flights actually..

People that have been keeping up with me via WhatsApp or my Facebook page (@agirlwithwings) know that my first flight was on Sunday to Marseille. I was actually pretty nervous for my first flight – if you’ve had yours, no matter how long ago it was, I bet you can still remember how you felt on that very first day.. going to report, sitting in the briefing room, going through security and onto the plane for the first time. It’s actually quite scary because you do know what to expect because your training has taught you everything that you need to know, but at the same time you don’t.. it’s your first flight with your first paying passengers and a brand new crew who have no idea who you are, and it’s for real. Don’t get me wrong, I’m definitely not trying to scare you lol! It’s just realistically how it is.. however, the crew for your first flight are absolutely lovely.

The crew I had for my first flight were so helpful. Even though I’ve been taught everything, putting it all into practise was very different. I hadn’t visited this particular aircraft since the beginning of my training so I was trying to refresh my brain as to where everything is and what I had to do, but my crew were so supportive.. they helped me through. My senior crew member talked me through what I needed to do in order to pass my first flight which she said I did with ease so that made me very happy – she was more than happy with what I did so I feel like it was a successful first day!

After my first flight, I had 3 “available days”, meaning that my roster would change at 7pm the night before to tell me what I was doing or where I was going the next day. Some people get these changed to days off, some get them changed to long haul flights spanning a few days, some get an airport/home standby and some get them changed to short haul. Mine have all changed each day to a short haul, also known as a “there & back”, which means I don’t get to get off of the plane.. we take the plane to the destination, do a short turn around & come straight back again. One of the other girls on my course Gabbi (insta: @gabbiemurphy) got a Shanghai long haul & her Instagram story is fabulous.. I am very jealous! I will definitely be bidding for a Shanghai at some point!

Since Marseille, I have been to Oslo, Moscow & today I am going to Majorca, all on short haul flights. After today I have two days off before my first long haul to Chicago. I am actually pretty excited yet nervous to do my first ever long haul layover trip.. it’s another new passenger service I need to learn, as well as the first time flying on the A380.. so it’s a new challenge but I’m looking forward to it! One all of the firsts are out of the way, it gets a little easier as you know what to expect and then you learn more and more about it all.

I’m also keeping my fingers crossed that my flat near Heathrow is going to be ready in the next few days, so I can move in once I get back from Chicago. It’s all go!! I feel like I’ve got 1000 things going on right now, and a million things I need to deal with, but it’s all coming together and slotting into place one by one.. I’m getting there.

Can I also just say, I absolutely am in love with the amount of support, well wishes and encouragement you have all given me since the start of this journey – some of you are family, some of you are friends, and some of you I only know through Facebook or Instagram that are already crew or starting training now.. you’re all awesome and I want to say a massive thank you, it’s helped me so much to know that I have all of you behind me, pushing me forward 🙂

Now I’m getting into the swing of things I should hopefully be able to post a little more frequently. I don’t have any pictures from trips yet, but pictures I do have are either going on my Instagram story or on the main Instagram page, which you can find on the right hand side of my homepage.. so give me a follow & recommend to your friends if you like it 🙂 I love hearing from you guys in Instagram, so keep them coming!

I need to finish the rest of my packing now before I head off to do the Majorca & back later on today before driving the M25 back home to Essex for the next two days.

That’s all for now…


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