I’m on standby..

So I am fully aware that since I started flying, my blog posts have been few and far between, probably about one a month. That was never my intention to begin with.. but the truth is, I haven’t had a lot to say! 🤦🏻‍♀️

Reality is, I’ve had toning exciting to actually tell you guys about lately.. and I only want to post blogs that have some meaning and purpose behind them so you’re not just reading trash haha.

As I’m sitting here writing to you, I’m hoping my phone isn’t going to ring. I’m holed up in the flat in Heathrow today as I’m on something called Home Standby. What that means is, I haven’t been put on a flight but I’m also not off.. it’s kindle a limbo? When you’re on standby you’re given a set time, mine today is 12:00-19:00, and you have to be available and able to get to the airport within 2hrs if they ring you and tell you that they need you on a flight. There’s two types of standby – airport and home – so it just depends which one you’re given as to where you need to be. Obviously home standby is a lot nicer as it means you can get on with your day, or in my case mong out in your pyjamas all day.. whereas if you’re on airport standby you have to be packed for any eventuality and be in the report centre in full uniform for the whole time……. yeah, I know what I’d rather be doing too!

The only phone call I AM waiting for today is from my manager to talk about whether or not I have passed probation. My end date was this Saturday just gone, but we were all busy so we are apparently going to be contacted individually. It’s scary, but I don’t see any reason why I shouldn’t pass.. so I’ll just keep my fingers crossed!

I’m not sure how much it was covered in the generic news, but we found out that our new uniform designer for our centenary year next year is Oswald Boaetang! Unless you’re into fashion and the industry, that name probably means absolutely nothing to you haha. He’s quite affluent in the fashion industry, so I am very excited to have him as our designer. People are slightly concerned as he is predominantly known for his gorgeous men’s tailored suits, so we all know the guys are going to look amazing, but there hasn’t been much coverage of his women’s fashion. I’m 100% sure that he knows exactly what to do when it comes to women’s clothing. He has expressed that the uniform will be a “collection of pieces”, so I’d like to think that we will have some say over exactly what we want to wear, and maybe there will be some seasonal items in there too? All us girls are praying that we get some form of dress as it will be much easier to work in, but him saying a collection of pieces makes me slightly concerned that there will be too much choice. The whole point of a uniform is that we look the same & that it’s instantly recognisable.. if everyone is given a selection of choice about what to wear, you may never get a crew who look, well, uniformed……. only time will tell! I’m still really excited and intrigued to find out what his vision is for us.

We got our November rosters yesterday, and if you follow me on either one of my Instagram accounts, you’ll know by now where I’m going, but for those of you that don’t (rude!) I have a new destination this month – Austin, Texas – and my business class training (Club World) as well as a team day. I love America so I’m always excited when I get a new city or state, no matter where it is.. it’s definitely an achievable dream to visit all 54 states in my lifetime right? 🤣. I’m absolutely buzzing for my Club World training.. it means I’ll finally be able to work in either economy class or business class on any of my flights! I won’t lie, the change of scenery will be very welcome! All of the people I trained with back in April will be on the same training course for Club World so it will be nice to go through that together too ☺️. Being with the company 6 months already also means that my staff travel perks have kicked now too.. whoop!

Getting my November rosters has made me aware just how close we are getting to the end of 2018 already.. it’s unbelievable just how fast this year has gone! I’ve still got a few things to look forward to before the year is up though, so I’m not looking to 2019 just yet!

I’m super happy with how things are going right now, and I absolutely love that my friends back home are keeping me in touch with what’s going on with them, & the fact that I’ve so far managed a good work-life balance has made it all the better.

I’ve just realised I need to sew buttons onto both of my waistcoats.. I better go do that – oh the glamour! 🤣

Until next time…

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