Probation: passed!

I just got the call to say that I have passed my probation, woo! I cannot believe I have successfully completed my first 6 months with BA, it’s gone by so quickly.

Now that probation has been passed, I get a cheeky little pay rise which is nice and my staff travel perk has officially kicked in. From now on, I’m working towards being Qualified at 12 months.. so I’m still not really a fully fledged crew member, because they say you only really start to know what you’re doing after about 6 months and it’s true, I still feel like I have quite a bit to learn, but once you hit qualified.. you’re in the club! Haha

I have my first bit of training next month which makes me feel like I’m progressing, that’s being trained in the Club World service (Business class), and after you’re qualified you are trained in First Class service.. I actually can’t wait for that, everyone that works in First says they love it, so that’s where I want to be!

I think I might treat myself with a cheeky glass of wine tonight to celebrate. I’m on my own in the flat tonight, so no one can judge me! Haha


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