Comic Relief TV Advert

I’ve been wanting to post about this since the end of October, but I’ve been sworn to absolute secrecy. Now the secret is out and you may, or may not, have spotted my face in the tele!

In October, I put myself forward to hopefully be part of a new BA TV advert, the first one in about 8 years. I went for the initial audition at our BA headquarters in Heathrow at the end of October. I went on the second day of auditions, and there were around 30 people there. We all had to say who we were, and say a few lines to camera that we had had the chance to learn the day before.. it was quite quick, I was in and out within an hour.

If we were successful from that, we were invited to a recall. I’d made it clear that I was going to be in Johannesburg for the recall, but the team had told us that it’s possible to have us taken out of work to attend the recall if necessary, or they can do a Skype second audition. Being away, I thought they’d dismiss me immediately because it would be too much paperwork to take someone off of a trip. A day and a half later, I was travelling back from somewhere in Europe, and landed at 8pm to a voicemail from the casting director inviting me for a recall!!! I was very excited, but also really nervous because I’d missed the call from flying and it was late in the evening, with the recall being the day after next… so I was worried I wouldn’t be able to go. I spoke to the casting director the next morning, and she told me that they will work to take me off of my Johannesburg flight so I can attend the recall. We get paid by the hour to fly, so not going on the trip unfortunately meant I missed out on a bit of extra money, but I weighed it up against the opportunity and thought it’s too good to miss.

Out of around 60 people that initially auditioned, 20ish got recalled, some other people having being taken off of their trips too. At the recall, I got the chance to meet the director of the advert who would be there on the day of filming, as well as some of the production team. The recall consisted of the same lines to camera again, but this time we had to act through the lines.. taking direction from him, and trying multiple ways of doing things. That was the time when we found out that Matt Lucas would be in the advert too – up until then, the name of the celebrity had been kept quiet. The recall was fun, was something a little different and a chance to prove that I could actually act too. I was there for around half an hour that day, and then told we would find out the next day if we had been successful or not.

I finally got the call I’d been waiting for all day at around 5pm.. to tell me that I’d got the prt with 3 other crew!!! To say I was excited is an understatement! It was hinted at that time that I may have the speaking role, but I still had in my head that there would be more than one person saying something because that’s how it was written for the audition. That night, I had to make an emergency hairdressing appointment, and drove a 100 mile round trip to Essex & back to get my roots done, as my hair was not television worthy at the time! Haha. My hairdresser is an absolute god send and she was on hand right away. “Desperate times call for desperate measures” has never been more true until that moment!

The day after next was the day of the advert, and to some people’s surprise it was actually filmed in the foyer of Wembley Arena. I had to be there at 7am sharp, with my hair and make up done, taking my uniform with me to get changed into. Extras on the day were actually surprised to find out that we were all actual cabin crew, and the uniform was really ours haha! They found it fascinating and were asking tonnes of questions which was really nice. Everyone on the day was so helpful, friendly, and made the day great fun.

I’ve never acted for television before except in a few classes at drama school, so everything was brand new to me which made it really scary, but once we got going it was absolutely fine! Meeting Matt Lucas & finding out I would be acting with him for the majority of the day was definitely the highlight.. he was so nice, helpful & funny, it was a privilege! The production team, including both directors, were amazing.. they helped me through the whole thing – telling me what was great, what was funny, what needed to be changed, what they wanted to tweak, what we were going to try again, and when I was allowed to sit down and take a break! Haha.

The whole day was so interesting! I was there for around 11hrs in total, which sounds so funny when you think the advert is only 30 seconds long.. but the day didn’t feel that long because it was so productive. The only thing that made it feel that long was the fact that my feet were absolutely killing me by the end of it because I was in my heels the whole time! It was an amazing experience, and I’d do it again in a heartbeat. I apologise if you get sick of seeing my face on tele.. it’s only on until November 30, I just can’t guarantee how many times you’re going to see it until then! It’s so weird for me to see my own face on the tele.. haha.

If you’re one of the (un)lucky ones that hasn’t had the chance to see the advert yet, you can see it here.

Until next time..

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