December Roster

Last night was roster night.. again!

This is my first year working for a company who operates 365 days a year. I’m used to my places of work at least closing on Christmas Day & New Years Day, so I was a little nervous as to what December was going to bring me this year.

I’m very lucky within this job because we get the chance to bid for days off that we want in addition to annual leave, and also trips that we want to work because we want to visit that country/city, or we may have people we know travelling on that specific flight. All our bids are not guaranteed, they’re only us asking for the things we want and we never know whether or not we’re going to get them until the rosters are published. Sometimes they’re physically not feasible with other flights/commitments we have on our rosters for that month such as scheduled training, annual leave etc.. but we always hope! Haha.

My December is looking pretty good actually:

AUSTIN – Team trip.


ANNUAL LEAVE – my best friend’s wedding.




We’ve finally been given our team trip in December! When you join BA, you’re put into a small team under one manager, like having a supervisor in any other job. Luckily my training group was only small so we all are in the same team, however other teams that had 15+ people aren’t all in the same team as they consist of about 8 people per team which is a shame. A team trip is not a holiday as a team, I wish it was! We all work the flights there and back.. but it’s a chance to all work together, have a catch up etc, it’ll be really nice. These are meant to happen every 3ish months, but we haven’t had one yet so we’re all very excited!

I bid for Chicago, so I’m really happy I got it! I wanted to experience a USA trip in December somewhere cold because by then, it’ll be all Christmassy with the decorations up etc. I’ve never been to the US before at any time around Christmas so I’m really looking forward to that! I’ve not been to Chicago since May, so it’ll be nice to revisit it. I can see some last minute Christmas shopping happening in Austin and Chicago!

I think I actually got all of my bids for December.. something that never happens! I bid for Chicago, Christmas off, Johannesburg leaving on Boxing Day & NYE/NYD off. I’m very excited because it’ll give me a chance to catch up with friends and family over the Christmas and New Year period, as well as experiencing Christmas in America and some winter sun in Johannesburg!

My end to 2018 is looking really positive. I love being excited about going to work, meeting new people and spending time in different countries ☺️

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