Club world training & Team day

If you’ve ever flown on a long haul aircraft, you’ll know that you normally get told to “turn right” and you evidently walk through a couple of cabins to get to your seat. The first cabin you walk through on the right is known as Club World with BA, aka Business Class. I’ve never been lucky enough to fly anything except economy on any long haul flight as a passenger, but now I am officially trained to work in Club World.

I’ve spent the last 7 months only being allowed to work at the back of the plane in Traveller.. it’s where every new person starts to get their skill set up as it’s the more basic of services. After 6 months, you’ve pretty much mastered the service in Traveller so you’re worthy of moving up into Club World.

I was rostered the training last weekend. It’s over the course of 3 days, and you’re taught everything from which drinks go into which glass (there’s 3) & how to address your customers, to learning about the menu & how to service each section of the meal. The service has only recently just been overhauled, so everything about the drinks and meal service is now hand run rather than taking a trolley down the aisle, which is a big difference to the Traveller cabin, but I actually like the idea of a hand run service, it makes it feel more premium, personalised, and almost like a restaurant.. which I guess is the intention!

I can definitely feel the difference between the two cabins. Customers are not treated any different.. you should always treat your customer as if they’re a first class customer, no matter where they’re sitting.. it’s just the level of service. It’s going to be a big change and a lot to get my head around and there’s lots of intricate details to it, but I’m excited to start work in a new cabin. I’m going to ask to work in it on my Johannesburg on Wednesday.. the flight is 10.5 hours long so it’ll give me a good chance to practise and ask as many questions as I need to.

When you join BA, you’re put into a team.. you’re normally put with most if not all of your training group and you’re given a manager.. that’s your team! On a team day, there’s 3 or 4 other teams with you at the HQ, and you’re given a presentation about all new things going on within the company as well as going over any relevant information such as safety etc. It’s also a chance to catch up with people on your team that you won’t have got the chance to fly with over the last couple of months.

We’re the first team our manager has had the pleasure of coaching haha but he’s been an absolute dream so far, and I’m super excited for our team trip to Austin at the beginning of next month where we all work and fly together! He even bought us all a small bottle of Prosecco, box of chocolates and a little card to say well done for passing probation! He’s so dreamy, bless him. He also bought me a larger bottle of Prosecco for saying well done on getting the TV advert, how sweet is that?!

I’m on annual leave this weekend before returning to Johannesburg on Wednesday. It’s my last one until Boxing Day. While I love the South African sunshine, it’ll be nice to have a break from Johannesburg considering I’ve had two a month for the past 3 months.

Until then…

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