Who Am I?

Hi! My name is Becca and at 26 I became a new recruit for British Airways as part of their Mixed Fleet Cabin Crew at London Heathrow in 2017.

Being part of British Airways runs in my family. I have been in customer service since the age of 16, and while being cabin crew was never my plan for my career, I got the travel bug from working on a cruise ship and travelling the world for six months in 2016.. so now I’m combining my love for travel and my experience in customer service to represent my country in the sky & worldwide!

You & I will find out what it takes to become cabin crew with British Airways, from going through training to flying to many different destinations all over the world. I’ll give you a real insight into the life of cabin crew. Is it as glamorous as they make out?

​There’s only one way to find out…